Evolet Bikes Price In India 2024

In this post we will tell you about Evolet bike price in india 2024. And Evolet bike all model specifications, features, mileage information. We will also give the Evolet bike showroom address. If you have any questions about Evolet bike let us know in the comments below. .

Evolet Scooters is a start-up company. Which makes electric two-wheelers. Its subsidiary is Risala Electric Motorcycle. Evolet Scooters was started by a parent company. Its main objective was to make the country beautiful and smart electric two-wheeler, which is pollution free.The company also manufactures parts and accessories for two-wheelers such as electric motorcycles, manual steering wheels, steering cumms, radiators, silencers, road wheels, gearboxes, axles and much more.When 3 Evolet scooters were launched in 2015. Its model names are Polo, Pony and Derby. The scooters are powered by a BLDC battery .The company has a manufacturing plant in Bilaspur, Haryana. Prices for these company bikes range from Rs 45,999 to Rs 67,999.